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Facts about bingo


Bingo is an exciting game that was once that of as the territory of the old, but has now extended its reach into the young via online bingo sites. It has been going for more than 500 years now, and was originally known as ‘beano’, bet you didn’t know that?! Well, here are some more interesting facts about bingo that you might not know either.

Think you don’t stand a chance of winning? Maybe you do, as around 96% of people who play bingo regularly have won at some point.
More than $90 million is spend in a week on bingo cards alone in America.

More people play bingo because they enjoy it, rather than to win. Winning was only the 5th highest reason why people play bingo.
Bingo is one of the easiest games to play online which is why most people begin there before moving onto more difficult games like poker.
Bingo players are renowned as being particularly suspicious. It is not unusual to find someone asking you to leave your seat because it’s their lucky place!
Playing a game of bingo on a bigger name site usually takes around four to four and a half minutes.

Some celebrities are big fans of bingo too, such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Denise Van Outen.

Bingo is good for you! Studies have proven that bingo players have far better mental abilities in certain tasks than those who did not play bingo.

The total amount of prize money that has been won since the National Bingo Game began back in 1986 is more than £725,000,000.

Cozy Games Software Is Pioneering Force in Online Bingo

Bingo Games

The world of online gaming is spreading each day. With investors finding out the profits of investing in this field, it is not unnatural that more and more businessmen are trying to get a piece of the cake. Nevertheless, there are a few sites that, with services much better than their rivals have created a niche for themselves. These are the sites popular with enthusiasts and most likely the one to be recommended when asked for advice from a connoisseur.  However in order to make a site successful, there are a lot of variable factors. The honesty of the owners and workers is as important as the quality of games and the efficiency of software used. Of the software currently ruling the market scenario, Cozy Games bingo Software is one of a kind and definitely well appraised by users of all sects.

The software provides reliable games that are high on the entertainment quotient along with customer safety protocols. Now in an industry filled with sleazy sites ready to rob you off bread, these are definitely ingredients of a magical success. By far 2008 had been the best year for Cozy Games. This year saw their rise to success and get recognition for the high quality of graphics, audio video richness and of course, for the huge collection of various games. All over the net, numerous sites can be found that have become big, thanks to Cozy Games software.

This online bingo review discusses about the pros and cons of the so popular software. There is option for the players to indulge in the newer 75 ball bingo while more orthodox people can always take part in the old and classic 90 ball bingo. Everything regarding the games can be found from the chatting options. However, the instructions are scribed on each window as a failsafe aid for the customers. However this becomes a little cumbersome according to some people’s standards. The chat-room however, is for use by registered customers which is a little on the downside for you have deposit some money to make real use of it. The software is made so, that it allows the players to collect more and more points, going on making unending profits.

Fascinating Bingo Curiosities

Bingo is a great social game. It is not surprising that today you can play bingo online at any time, night or day – all you need s a computer with an Internet connection or a mobile phone. This is a known fact – but here you’ll find some bingo curiosities that are at least partially (and perhaps totally) unexpected.

1. Bingocams

More-or-less all prominent online casinos include bingo in their offering. However, with nothing but the bingo cards in front of you and without being able to see other people, it is just not the same… right?

Right – until recently! Today, thanks to Bingocams you get to meet people and make friends while engaged in your favorite cam
[image by john takai/shutterstock]

This is how it works: by using your web cam you can let other people see you when you chat to them, you can see them, and delight in a whole new experience when you visit Chat Rooms. The wonders of streaming video!


2. Bingo-Slots

There is a game that combines bingo and slots, called (quite appropriately) Bingo Slots.

In essence, it’s a slots game with bingo balls. You can play with multitudes of win-lines, making the game more fun, and increasing both your winning chances and the costs of a spin.


bingo slots


3. Bingo – the Movies

bingo movie

People love playing bingo, and they name their pets after this great game too. What’s more, Bingo is the name of the movie from 1991 featuring one particularly clever pooch not lacking in moxie and determination!

In this movie, Bingo is a circus dog. After running away and meeting a young boy, they become friends. They spend time together, skateboard, play games, and… wait for it… even do homework together – math, no less. Here’s the preview:


Two more great movies come to mind. One is Bingo! the documentary from 1999 by John Jeffcoat with some astounding interviews that forever dispelled the image of bingo as the boring old men’s game, and pictured it in its true light.

The second one is another 1999 movie, called King of the Bingo Game, which is based on a story written by Ralph Ellison. It is set in 1943 Harlem, and it’s about an African American who – you guessed it – loves bingo!

Bingo is more than a game – it’s a social experience. Next time when you enjoy a game of bingo, remember these curiosities and share with us your fascinating story, we’d love to hear it!

Mobile Bingo Makes New Gambling Market Inroads

Party bingoMobile bingo gains popularity among more people due to various factors. It is a game that has been invented recently and is played via mobile phones. Technology has made it easy to play this game because the mobile devices of today fully support the speed and graphics needed for a great party bingo experience.

This game is popular among people because of scarcity of time in the world today. There are several versions of this game depending on the kind of technology used to make it.

Mobile Bingo Variants

There are many types of these games that are available in the market today. These include games such as pattern gratis, variant and classic. They are played online so that it makes it interesting. There are chances that people win prizes when they play the games at certain time periods like monthly. Some of these prizes include T-shirts and cash which make it exciting and worth playing.

Mobile bingo is universally popular, attracting the players young and old. Bingo games are known to improve your mental powers by challenging your brain and making it more alert.

Increasing Accessibility

The efficiency of bingo has been enhanced by the advanced technology. People went to halls to play the games before the advancement of technology. It is unlike today when phones are being used to play the games.

Mobile bingo gains popularity in the market due to the impacts it has on the lives of people. This is clear due to the many websites that host these games for people to enjoy playing them. The types of bingo have also increased in number due to its popularity, and as more vendors jump onto the mobile bandwagon, they are becoming ever more easily accessible.

#1-how to make ink

how to make ink my way you will need 1 water bottle two bingo dabber 3 acrylic paint 4 bolt 5 optional black ink #1 pour ink from bingo dabber and acrylic into waterbottle #2 put bolt in water bottle #three put in mop and use it test it
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Scrabble Bonus Word Techniques.

Scrabble Bonus Word Methods.
E-book About Scrabble Bonus Word Strategies.
Scrabble Bonus Word Methods.

ten Things Each and every IT Manager Must do in 2010… Portion 1

(PRWeb UK) January 9, 2010

Whether a company manages its personal IT network or has devoted IT support services right here are ten factors that ought to be regarded in 2010. Component A single (1-5)


1. Completely test the disaster recovery plan


A corporate disaster recovery approach has been a need to have for all but the smallest network environments but ask a question, when was the last time it was completely tested?


Testing a disaster recovery strategy doesnt mean restoring a random file from a backup tape, or even performing a bare-metal recovery of a single server. Assumptions cant be produced the backups that have been running, have also been working and that the book way of restoring a network is going to operate with no a hitch. A latest study by Gartner (The Broken State of Backup) showed that 50 percent of these asked said that DR workouts encountered concerns and 72 percent of DR tests weren’t totally successful.


An simple way to get ostrich like management to acquire into the importance of testing a disaster recovery program is to send them on a disaster recovery awareness workshop – these are run by several IT support networks.


2. Throw your Blackberry server on the roof!


5 years ago Blackberry handhelds revolutionised the mobile telephone industry by delivering users with instantaneous (nicely close to sufficient) emails directly to their phones. It took Microsoft a great few years to catch and when they 1st implemented push e-mail from Exchange Server pricey information plans from mobile operators meant it price big income for an entire organization to switch.


Nowadays its various – most mobile telephone plans come with either unlimited information or a large monthly pot. Organizations can take advantage of the finest mobile handsets in the globe (like the apple IPhone and Google android based devices) and very best of all there is no want for any hardware or computer software other than Microsoft Exchange itself.


three. Replace your next server with a virtual server


One of the easiest approaches to dip a toe into the server virtualization pond is to P2V an current old server onto a new Windows 2008 server with the hyper-v function installed. Choose the oldest server , get virtualization compliant hardware as its replacement then P2V (physical to virtual conversion) to the old server onto the Hyper-V role, re-apply the network settings and then turn off the old box Bingo the server is virtualized and the makings of a virtual network environment are developed. Several folks dont feel P2V server migration can be so straightforward.


4. Take a look at two-factor remote user authentication


Two factor authentication has often been the easiest way of securing network resources, it functions in the identical way a credit card and PIN does a thing in possession (card), and one thing in memory (pin).


Historically its been very costly and has necessary servers, client agents, user pass code fobs and vast amounts of user training. Though the expense of these devices have decreased largely down to new producers entering the market there is a new breed of technology that utilizes the finish users existing mobile telephone as the a thing in possession to give secure access to network resources. A item called SMS Passcode makes use of this technology and fires a pass code to the users mobile when they attempt to authenticate to their corporate network, the user enters this code into a popup box and theyre then allowed to connect.


This sort of technologies can typically be implemented at a third of the cost and does provide the same strength security as the classic two element providers.


5. Upgrade your clients to Windows 7


Firstly lets just get some thing straight… Vista wasnt the greatest operating technique, but it wasnt anywhere near as negative as most IT help and network support guys made out. The initial release was a small slow (primarily due to the increased hardware demands over Windows XP), user account manage was clunky, upgrades were troublesome and some crucial subsystems clearly werent tested correctly. With the release of service pack 2 most of these problems had been nicely and truly put to bed but by then it was too late for the ill fated operating system.


Windows 7 truly is what Vista ought to have been the flaky subsystems have been fixed, the UI has been enhanced, UAC protects you but doesnt annoy hardware demands are roughly the very same as with Vista, but the worlds moved on and theyre now more in line with expectations.


Microsoft are keen to drop XP (OEM copies of Windows XP are no longer readily available) and will be stopping public support for it soon so nows in no way been a better time to bite the bullet, accept the reality that itll be painful for a little although users get used to the new interface and get Windows 7 installed.


Read Portion Two of this write-up right here 10 items each IT manager need to do in 2010… Portion 2


Supplied by Tony Brown Director at IT assistance organization Phillips Taylor Brown.




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